Street Racing and the Motorsports Community.

July 12, 2019

In the last few weeks we’ve been tagged and pulled into multiple conversations both online and at public events regarding the topic of street racing. Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM) in no way condones any form of street racing. One of the major reasons that we’ve committed to the development of RMM is to provide a purpose-built environment where car enthusiasts can test and improve upon the very limits of their driving abilities at a venue specifically designed for these activities. In turn, we fully support the efforts of the Calgary Police Service and other police services across our province and beyond in their effort to eliminate any form of street racing.

While it has been shown that access to a track has a positive effect on reducing racing on public streets, it is also not the single solution to its elimination. The development of RMM will not have a drag strip as part of its facility, however, in communities where drag strips exist, street racing also still exists. To understand why is to acknowledge that while there is typically a difference in attitudes between those who would only think of racing at a track, and those who both risk and dare to test their limits on public streets, there are other considerations. Every event that happens at a purpose-built track, big or small, has rules. Vehicles must pass technical inspections. Drivers in most cases have to show adequate proficiency and familiarity in both the driving event as well as their vehicle. Sometimes special licenses are required. There are proof of ownership requirements, liability, and insurance conditions. There is also mandated safety equipment, staff, and process to complement all of these requirements so that everyone can enjoy their experience in the safest environment possible. And whether it’s small or significant, there is usually a cost involved.  Street racing on the other hand requires no validation and has no conditions in of any of these areas. So while a track can be part of the solution, it is by no means the only answer.

RMM is conveniently located off HWY 2, only 25 minutes North of Calgary and will provide the opportunity for driving enthusiasts to experience their limits within an environment designed to safely test and develop their skills. To design and construct a world-class facility like RMM requires significant investment. Our membership program and pricing structure is devised to not only allow for a venue like this to be constructed, but to secure its viability for generations to come. Most importantly, this is a development designed to be accessible. Whether you are a seasoned racing professional, or someone who simply desires to feel the sensation of driving at the limit, RMM is designed to provide a number of access options such as through membership investment, driving schools, track days, and motorcycle and car club events. If you want to drive fast and learn the skill, there will be a way for you to do that at the RMM circuit. In the meantime, we will continue to work with the community and law enforcement organizations in an ongoing effort to discover ways to shift people’s mindset to “take it to the track”.