The desire to go
faster lives in our
earliest memories.


Higher! Faster! Again! The pursuit of the thrill comes early in life, and dares to embed itself in our entire being.

How one individual finds their adrenaline fix is different than the next, but the desired result is always the same—capturing the feeling that leaves your heart pumping and your body racing.

For some, it’s simply living from one exciting charge to the next. For others, it may trigger the start of a lifelong career—navigating tricky chicanes and hitting perfect apexes—in a world where mere tenths of a second separate the good from the great.

Enter motorsports. From that first rickety, plywood go-cart destined for the next grassy hill, to taming a highly-tuned machine within the outer edges of its limits—and our own. The twisting of a throttle, or the stomping down of that right foot has been a surefire direct route to excitement!

So we’ve built a place to do it. Welcome to RMM.

But this is just the beginning. 

While it took years of planning, development, and construction, this is a circuit that has the future top of mind. Follow along as RMM continues our motorsport journey—there’s a lot more to come!