RMM Track Rental.



From track days to performance driving schools, and racing events to driving skills training, RMM is your premiere host for track days, racing, car club events, or any number of motorsport activities.

Push your vehicle to its limits—whether you bring your daily-driven road car, or arrive with a purpose-built track monster, RMM’s Tilke-designed 3.5km circuit is a thrilling and technical road course designed for flat out racing and lapping events, while having the versatility of multiple configurations for a variety of advanced driver-training programs.

Safety at RMM is paramount—RMM’s state-of-the-art digital flagging system and control booth provides on-circuit second-to-second driver and rider communication. 

The circuit’s large paddock area allows for easy offloading of trailered vehicles while providing extra space for staging and track access and exit. With ample room for tent set-up, RMM also accommodates the off-track component of your event. Upcoming pit-area additions will see more spectator viewing amenities and an extended paddock.

Reserve your space today!

RMM is currently booking for the 2024 season and dates are going quickly! 

For more information, circuit rental rates, and reservations, please contact us at 587.350.5425 or email us below.