Experience RMM.
A circuit like no other.


Whether it’s a track day, a performance driving school, or just riding shotgun, Rocky Mountain Motorsports is a 3.5 km thrill-ride from start to finish. Discover all the ways to experience this world-class circuit.


From beginners to professionals, every time you’re on track there’s something to be learned. In a sport of milliseconds, millimetres can make the difference. Whether you’re looking to simply be a better driver, or have aspirations or competitive racing, RMM offers the high-performance driving education to meet your goals.


While driving could easily be accused of being a solitary pursuit, car culture is about comradery. Gathering with those that share your fondness and passion for motorsport is at the centre of car culture and is responsible for developing countless life-long friendships. RMM plays host to a number of car club organizations.


The definition of testing you and your vehicle’s performance limits—the track day experience. Track days at RMM can be accesses directly through auto and motorcycle track day organizers. Tracks days are typically vehicle and experience specific. Check to see which track day operations are available for your specific vehicle or skill level.