A limited lifetime
membership opportunity.


Since opening in 2022, the Rocky Mountain Motorsports race circuit is destined to be a world-class motorsports facility, providing driving enthusiasts with a technical, premium experience like nothing else in Western Canada.

From the frequent track visitor, to the performance driving specialist, RMM limited lifetime membership opportunities allow for exclusive access and privileges. The RMM Membership Program provides significant track time access with approximately 50% of the available track time reserved for members. Membership also allows for participation in RMM driving events and RMM social activities.

Along with track access benefits, RMM Members will also hold the first right-of-refusal to purchase car condo storage garages. These will be based on membership hierarchy and commitment dates. Should a member wish to sell their membership, RMM will maintain a waiting list to facilitate re-sale and maintain asset value.

RMM individual membership is offered in the following three distinct levels:


Our Tier 1 Lifetime Membership with access to RMM Member Track Days including annual guest past allocation.


This Tier 2 Lifetime Membership includes access to RMM Member Track Days and additional membership privileges.


Our Top Tier Membership program includes additional member privileges and investment in the common shares of RMM.

RMM Corporate Membership

RMM will make available a very limited number of customized Corporate Memberships. These memberships will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact us for more information.