Being a Good Track Participant

March 17, 2024

What the recent Rocky Mountain Motorsports sound policy ruling means to you.

Recently, RMM announced that the Provincial Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT) ruled in favour of our stop order appeal, where Mountain View County (MVC) alleged we were in breach of our sound bylaw. Since then, we’ve had some questions around what affect this has on decibel levels, sound-specific vehicle modifications, and overall operations at RMM.

While this ruling does result in lifting additional restrictions we had in place prior to and during the stop order, this ruling does not mean that we have lifted all sound restrictions.

Our intent is, and always has been, to be respectful of MVC and our neighbours in both the letter and spirit of the sound regulations agreed to at the start of this development.

There have been requests to provide a specific decibel (dB) level ceiling; however, the sound policy requires that RMM is held to an average limit of sound produced per hour at our circuit, not a single peak decibel.

There are a number of variables that can influence this measurement—such as the number of cars on the track, the types of cars on the track, and even how they are being driven. Weather can also have an impact, including wind conditions, temperature, and humidity. Because of these factors, RMM is not publishing a specific dB limit, as it is simply not the final indicator of what might be acceptable at the circuit in a given scenario.

In general terms, we expect that operations will permit slightly higher sound levels than in 2023, but this assumption will require more on-track experience with greater numbers of vehicles to make further conclusions.

What does all that mean for my car or motorcycle?

Unmodified factory cars, GT or otherwise, are welcome at RMM. Yes, cars which have been modified are still welcome at RMM. However, adjustments made which increase the volume of your car will be treated with more scrutiny, and all vehicles will still be subject to sound monitoring.

Modifications purposely and solely designed to increase the vehicles volume (such as straight pipes and crackles) will not be allowed on the track without fixed decibel reducing solutions (resonators, decibel reducers, etc.).

In the event RMM is approaching the hourly average sound level, the loudest cars on the track will be removed first.

The best guideline is: if your car or motorcycle met the sound requirements last year, it will meet the sound requirements this year. If you have already made modifications to minimize sound, keep them.

My car/motorcycle is louder than what is acceptable, what are my options?

In the event that a modified vehicle is deemed to be excessively loud, the owner will have one opportunity to make a physical change to the vehicle to reduce the noise. If the vehicle is still too loud, it will not be allowed back on track that day until an appropriate solution has been applied.

If your vehicle is too loud to remain on circuit, RMM may be able to provide recommendations—some directly through our on-site service partners—on what can be done to reduce your vehicle’s sound level. We have had many vehicles able to make adjustments that reduce noise without a negative impact to on-track performance.

Is there a way to test how loud my vehicle is before I purchase a track day?

If you have concerns about your vehicle’s sound level, we provide opportunities throughout the season for cars and motorcycles to have their vehicle tested at RMM. Typically held during member days, this process requires that our professional instructors take your vehicle through RMM’s sound monitoring equipment at various RPM loads to ensure that it is within the acceptable range in on-track scenarios.

Please contact us directly at to learn more and to arrange an appropriate time to test your vehicle. Drive-up testing without an appointment is not available.

We’re looking forward to the start of our season.
See you on-track!


If you have additional questions and/or concerns about your vehicle’s sound level at RMM, please contact us directly at so that we can best respond to your inquiry.