RMM New Drivers School

Learn the on-street fundamentals


NEW FOR 2024!

Designed for drivers with minimal time behind the wheel, our 3 hour new driver skills course at RMM is designed to teach drivers how to properly operate a vehicle. Navigating busy traffic scenarios can sometimes be overwhelming—our course eliminates the need to focus on other traffic, allowing drivers to fully focus on developing their operational skills of a motor vehicle, while learning basic driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Drivers will learn proper usage of the accelerator and brake pedal, steering techniques, how and when to use mirrors, and how to set their seating positions to optimize their vision of their surroundings. Our specifically designed exercises will teach drivers proper accident avoidance, parking proficiency, and reversing.

Mechanical Knowledge

There’s more to operating a motor vehicle than what’s behind the wheel. The mechanical knowledge portion of our program includes how to check the engine fluids, correct the tire pressures and understand how to check them, as well learn how to change a flat tire.

Our program will leave you with the confidence of having a greater knowledge of the basic mechanical upkeep required to have your vehicle running in the best condition.


$500.00 +gst

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Driver requirements

Particpants must have at minimum an Alberta Class 7 license, or equivalent. Students should provide their own street-legal vehicle registered for road use. As an option, the Turn 17 Mustang Rental Program is also available for this course.

*Prices on website are subject to change without notice. All prices are plus GST. If the price on the website is different than on the MSR event registration page, the latter will be considered the final price.


Q: I have a class 7 license that requires me to carry a right seat passenger with a class 5 license, will my parent/guardian be required to ride with me during the course?
A: Once on our premises, for the duration of the course, your right seat passenger will no longer need/be required/be allowed to ride in the vehicle with you. They will be able to relax in our clubhouse until the course is finished.

Q: I have a manual transmission vehicle, is this acceptable?
A: Our course does not focus on teaching proper operation of a manual transmission vehicle. Please only bring your manual transmission vehicle if you already have a moderate proficiency in operating a manual transmission.

Q: I don’t have my own vehicle, what are my options?
A: RMM has a fleet of automatic transmission mustangs available for rental, please inquire here.

Q: Will we be learning how to drive on the race track?
A: Absolutely not. While the skills will occur on sections of the RMM circuit there is no portion of this course that teaches/promotes/allows excessive speed.

Q: Will you be teaching me the rules of the road?
A: No, this course is not designed to teach you the rules of the road, but rather how to safely operate a vehicle.

Q: Does this course qualify me to receive a safe driver discount on my insurance?
A: No.

Q: My child does not have their class 7 learners permit yet, but I want them to learn how to drive a vehicle. Is this ok?
A: No, this course is for valid licence holders only.

Q: Do I need to bring a helmet?
A: No, helmets are not required, this is not a performance course.

Q: My dad doesn’t trust me to drive the vehicle on my own, can he ride with me during the course?
A: No, all our exercises are significantly controlled by trained instructors. Allowing the driver to be in the vehicle on their own allows for them to not feel too overwhelmed while learning.

Q: Can two drivers share the same vehicle?
A: No, the course is designed to optimize the seat time with a single occupant.

Q: Is this course a group class or one on one?
A: The course is a group setting with multiple instructors


The Turn17 Garage + RMM Mustang Track Car Rental Program can get you on track behind the wheel of a track-ready car for your RMM Performance Driving School. Arrive and drive at RMM today! See full details at the link.