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Whether you’re looking to gain confidence behind the wheel, or slice tenths off your lap time, RMM offers the performance driving education program to reach your driving goals. Our small class sizes allow for more direct 1-1 communication and an uncrowded driving experience while maximizing time on track. Choose between our Half-day Beginner Track Experience and our Full-day High Performance Driving Course. See program details below.

RMM Beginner Track Experience

This entry level course is ideal for drivers who have never been on track before or have limited experience on a race track. The course will begin with a classroom session outlining the safety procedures of the track, accompanied by basic race track driving techniques. From there the course moves to focused on-track driving exercises where you will gain comfort and confidence while safely navigating the RMM circuit. The Beginner Track Experience will conclude with an instructor-led, East Circuit lapping session, allowing you to apply your newly developed performance driving skills. Completion of this course is designed to qualify you to join RMM Public-Access Open Lapping Days.

2023 Beginner Track Experience Dates
$500.00 +GST*
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Additional late summer and fall dates!
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Tues, Aug 29 : 4pm – 8:30pm
Wed, Sept 6 : 2pm – 7pm
Friday, Sept 22 : 3pm – 7:30pm

Course Highlights:
Track safety procedures
Braking and acceleration techniques
Basic vehicle dynamics
Learning the racing line

Track Configuration:             RMM East Circuit
Course length:                        Half-day (4 hours) (AM or PM)
Participants per class:          12

*Prices on website are subject to change without notice. All prices are plus GST. If the price on the website is different than on the MSR event registration page, the latter will be considered the final price.

RMM High-Performance Driving Course

This full day program is designed for novice to intermediate drivers and motorsport enthusiasts aiming to take their driving skills to the next level. This full day course begins in the morning by participating in a classroom orientation. Following this introduction, participants will immediately take to the track to complete fundamental car-control exercises. Course attendees will have abilities challenged with  group of exercises intentionally designed to utilize the specific nuances of the RMM circuit.

The afternoon portion of the course will focus on full track lapping, led and mentored by professional instructors. Participants will benefit from real-time instruction, allowing for quicker implementation of techniques. Designed for maximum track time, this course will allow plenty of opportunity to hone skills and apply newly learned techniques.

2023 High Performance Driving Course Dates
$1,300.00 +GST*
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Friday, September 29 : 9am – 5:30pm

Course Highlights:
Weight transfer and balance effects
Braking techniques
Driver confidence limitations
Corner sequencing
4 sessions of full track lapping

Track Configuration:              Full Track
Course length:                         Full day (8 hours)
Participants per class:            12

*Prices on website are subject to change without notice. All prices are plus GST. If the price on the website is different than on the MSR event registration page, the latter will be considered the final price.

RMM Member Private Coaching
What are your goals on track? Are you are looking to perfect the specific driving lines at RMM, desiring to build confidence, looking for more consistency, needing to shave a few tenths off your lap time, or wanting to improve the chassis setup on your purpose-built race car?

Whatever your goals, private coaching is available to RMM member holders that have specific performance driving or racing goals. This course provides 1-1 coaching from our chief instructor that is designed to cater to your specific needs as a performance driver.

Course Highlights:
– Vehicle specific driving techniques
– Mental preparation and awareness
– Overcoming driver limitations
– Pre/Post session debriefs
– Defined session goals
– Chassis dynamics/Performance adjustments
– Side by side driver comparisons
– Developing race craft
– 1-1 Lead/Follow real-time communication*
– Video/Data review**

Course length:                         Full day
Track Configuration:               Full track
Participants per class:            1

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*Lead/Follow instructor car fee
**Video/Data dependent on member’s vehicle equipment


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