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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the track located?

A: The track is located at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 581 (the Carstairs overpass). This is approximately a 20 minute drive north of Calgary city limits, a 120 minute drive south of Edmonton city limits, and approximately a 45 minute drive south from Red Deer.

Q: When will the track be open for use?

A: The current planned timeline is for the track to be fully operational in the spring of the 2022 season with limited use leading up to that opening. 

Q: Will the track be suitable for motorcycles?

A: Yes.  The track is being designed to be both challenging and safe for motorcycles.

Q: Will the development include a drag strip?

A: No. In the Bylaw that the County passed to approve the development specific clauses were inserted during the approval process that prohibits drag racing or a drag strip.

Q: How long is the track?

A: Phase 1 of the track is designed to be 3.5 KM in length. The long-term plan is to extend the track length in phase 2 by an additional 1.5 KM.

Q: What are some of the design features of the track?

A: The track is designed by world class German design firm Tilke (Circuit of the Americas, Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi), and takes advantage of the location’s natural terrain to maximize the excitement and driving challenge. The resulting layout boasts over 36 metres of elevation change per lap while maintaining the required standard of safety for cars and motorcycles during lapping or competition. 


Q: How often will the track be available for use by the public?

A: It is a high priority for RMM to balance the use of the track by its members with the ability of the public to access the facility. Public access will be available via a number of different avenues, including: car and motorcycle club rentals, performance driving schools and public time attack sessions/track days. We expect these avenues to account for approximately 50% of RMMs total available track time, with the remainder reserved for RMM’s members. Due to strong market demand it is unlikely that an individual non-member would have access more than twice per year.

Q: Will the track be available for private rental or private events?

A: Yes. The track will be available for private rental. Private track rental will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Q: What are the different membership levels and the attributes and cost of each?

A: RMM individual membership is offered in three distinct levels: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. In addition, RMM will be offering limited Corporate memberships. The attributes and cost of each are outlined below:

The Gold membership is our most basic level which includes the following attributes:

    • Entitlement to attend all member track sessions, except for a few sessions that will be reserved exclusively for Platinum and Diamond members.
    • Four annual guest passes with the ability to purchase additional guest passes should you so choose. Guest passes may be exchanged for family passes at a 1:2 ratio.
  • All memberships are owned for life and transferable.

The total cost of a Gold membership is $45,000, with additional annual dues of $3,500.

The Platinum membership is our premium level which includes the following attributes:

    • Entitlement to attend all member track sessions, including a few sessions reserved exclusively for Platinum and Diamond members.
    • The right to an Associate member, which has an initiation fee of $10,000, to provide driving access by a spouse and/or immediate family member(s) under the age of 30.
    • 10% discount on all private track rentals.
    • First right after Diamond members to acquire a private track-side car condo.
    • Eight annual guest passes with the ability to purchase additional guest passes should you so choose. Guest passes may be exchanged for family passes at a 1:2 ratio.
    • An annual 1-day performance driving session.
    • 15% discount on RMM retail items.
  • All memberships are owned for life and transferable.

The total cost of a Platinum membership is $60,000, with additional annual dues totaling $5,000.

The Diamond membership is our equity level and includes the same attributes that Platinum members are entitled to with some enhancements. In addition, Diamond members will own equity in Rocky Mountain Motorsports Corporation and are therefore required to qualify as accredited investors as defined by the Alberta Securities Commission. Diamond level investment has a total cost of $250,000.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

The corporate membership structure is still a work in progress as we meet with interested parties to better understand how to accommodate this membership level. Please contact us if you are interested. A very limited number of corporate memberships are available. Corporate memberships are limited and are customized to the specific requirements of the corporate member. Please contact us for more details. 

Q: How much track time are members entitled to and how will the track time be allocated?

A: We are expecting to allocate approximately 50% of total available track time to all membership levels, with at least 35-45% available to individual members. Member track time will be available in 4-6 hour blocks that include morning, afternoon, and evening sessions on both weekdays and weekends to accommodate as many member schedules as possible.

Q: Will members be able to bring guests?

A: Yes. All members will be allocated a specified number of guest passes each year dependant on membership level. Members will also be able to purchase additional guest passes provided that the member session has the capacity available for additional guests.  The member passes may also be converted to immediate family passes at a ratio of 1:2 guest:family.


Q: How much of the year will the track be open for operation?

A: We expect that the primary season will be 180 – 200 days per year dependant on the weather.  The approved hours for the track are:

    • Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, with reduced operations (based on noise limits) after 6:00 PM Monday and Saturday (standard hours will be subject to daylighting during shoulder periods).
  • Sundays and statutory holidays 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Winter operations would be much more limited, but we expect to operate some winter driving schools.

Q: Will there be a noise restriction for cars using the track?

A: Yes. The governing Bylaw contains sound limits at the perimeter of the development that are not to be exceeded.  Sound monitoring equipment will be installed at both the development perimeters and at the traditional distance of 15M from the track to ensure the noise limits are not breached.  It is expected that for most track days vehicles should not exceed 95 dBA as measured at 15M, but there may be circumstances that require slightly lower limits for vehicles. Vehicles that exceed the limits will be removed from the track and the owner will be provided an opportunity to adjust their vehicle to meet the limits before they are permitted to return to the track.

Q: How many cars will be allowed on the track at one time?

A: This is a function of the type of activity and the experience of drivers in the field.  However, the noise studies were developed based on a maximum of 30 vehicles on track at any time and the maximum will therefore be within this range dependant on the type of vehicles being used.


Q: What other amenities will be built in addition to the track, and when will they be built?

A: In addition to the track, RMM plans to develop the following features and amenities through a phased approach:

    • A large paddock, pit garages and staging area.
    • Commercial zone that provides opportunities for synergistic motorsports service business to locate (e.g. track car and motorcycle preparation and maintenance, tire supply, track car fabrication).
    • Car condo units are planned in varying sizes to accommodate a variety of market demands. While a number of other car condo developments exist, the ability to own a car condo adjacent to the track is unique in Alberta.
    • Club house and administration centre for use by the members and to support track rentals (planned for the second year of operations).
    • Seasonal car storage facilities.
    • Emergency handling driving schools (phase 2) based on the model applied in many European countries and fully accessible to the public.
  • Kart track (phase 2).
Q: How can I purchase a private car condo?

A: RMM is currently accepting expressions of interest for the purchase of a car condo through the Facility page of our website, which can be accessed here. The first right of refusal to a unit will be allocated first to Diamond members, second to Platinum members and then to Gold level members.  If there are units that are not requested by members then they will be available to non-members.

Q: When will the car condos be available?

A: It is expected that the first phase of car condos will be available after track opening and that additional phases will be built in the subsequent two to three years. This timeline may be accelerated if there is enough demand.

Q: What is the expected cost of a car condo?

A: The car condos are currently expected to be available in various sizes ranges from approximately 350 sq. ft. up to 2,400 sq. ft.  The overall cost of a unit will include a contribution to common costs associated with the RMM development and the cost to construct access roads, landscaping and security fencing.  Our working estimate is that the all-in cost will be approximately $220/sq. ft.  Additional customization of the interior of the unit would also be available at additional cost.


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