DIAMOND Membership

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In addition to all of the benefits outlined in the Platinum Level Membership, Diamond Level Members will be entitled to a 20% discount on private track rentals. Diamond Members will be permitted to designate two (2) additional associate members, as well as have first right to own car condo storage garages. Diamond Level Members are required to be equity owners and must pre-qualify as accredited investors.


Diamond Membership: $250,000 +GST*
*GST applies to $50K membership only

The Diamond Membership Level is our investor level program.

Diamond Memberships include an investment in the common shares in RMM (Note: interested parties will be required to qualify as Accredited Investors prior to being provided the investor material).

At minimum, Diamond members will enjoy guest passes, retail discounts and training sessions equal to or better than the Platinum Members.

Diamond members will not pay annual dues. Diamond members are entitled to a 20% discount on private rental of the track.

Diamond members shall be entitled to 1 free half-day driver training session annually.

Diamond members will have the right to designate two immediate family members as Associate Members. Cost: $10,000 plus GST each.

Our Diamond members hold the 1st right-of-refusal on a car condo storage garage.


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