PLATINUM Membership

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In addition to all of the benefits outlined in the Gold Level Membership, Platinum Level Members will be entitled to discounts on retail items sold by RMM and be provided additional guest passes*. Additional privileges include an annual complimentary half-day driver training session. Platinum Level Members will also hold the right to designate an immediate family member as an associate member (Cost: $10,000 +GST) as well as have first right to own car condo storage garages, after Diamond Level Members.


Platinum Membership: $63,000 +GST

Limited availability while supplies last. Prices are scheduled to increase as both opening and sales milestones are achieved.

All memberships are life-time investments that are transferable provided that the transferee is approved by RMM and an administrative transfer fee is paid to RMM.

Platinum members will have access to all track Member Days including the use of facilities that are available to members. Additional Reserved Platinum member times will be scheduled exclusively for Platinum and Diamond members.

Platinum members will be allocated eight (8) one-time guest passes annually. Additional guest passes may be purchased and will be assigned priority over requests from Gold Members, provided there is space available for the requested track session.

Platinum members shall have second right (after Diamond Members) to acquire and own an on-site car condo storage garage.

Platinum members shall be entitled to a 15% discount on retail items sold by RMM, including timing equipment and racewear.

Platinum members shall be entitled to 1 free half-day training session annually.

Platinum members shall be entitled to a 10% discount on one private track rental per year.

Platinum membership annual dues are $5,000 +gst


Financing is now available for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Level RMM Memberships. With a 20% downpayment, carry the balance of your membership cost over a simple monthly payment plan of 3, 4, or 5 years. Annual membership dues can be included in this financing program. Contact us today to learn more. 


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