August 16, 2021

A lot of development progress has been made recently at the RMM circuit—from kerbs being formed to surface detail in preparation of asphalt. Today however, another milestone stage has begun… circuit asphalt is officially going down!


Since breaking ground early last fall, it has been a fast-paced and steady commitment to move the development forward to achieve the objective to have laps down this year. Our construction partner, Whissell Contracting Ltd made phenomenal progress on major land contouring to super-detailed final grading.

As partner Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd takes the reigns to lay the final surface it’s quite evident that this project was pushed forward by highly passionate investors, members-holders, sponsors, construction partners, and a small team of committed internal individuals, to ensure that Rocky Mountain Motorsports transitioned perfectly from vision to reality.

Thank you to all those involved. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming over the next days and weeks as we push toward opening laps in 2021!